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Asterisk / FreePBX Call Forwarding via *72 / *73 – Using a FXO Card to Forward Calls at The Telephone Company

This article describes how to use Asterisk, FreePBX, or AsteriskNOW to forward calls by using the your telephone company's *72 / *73 feature via analog FXO (POTS) channels. This functionality can be useful for forwarding calls to an after-hours answering service without having to dial out on a separate line and bridging the calls together [...]

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.htaccess Password Protection of Subdirectory Won’t Work with WordPress

Problem Description: .htaccess password protection of a sub-directory in Wordpress installation will not work when using Wordpress Permalinks. For example, you are trying to use a .htaccess file to password protect the "/private" directory which is a subdirectory if your Wordpress installation. Your .htaccess file in the "/private" directory looks something like: [crayon-5fc2fabf40cf6306039293/] Solution: [...]

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Linux Cheat Sheet / Advanced Command Reference

Advanced command reference for Linux. We assume you already know basic commands such as ls, pwd, mkdir, gzip, etc. Here are some useful additions which you may not already know. DNS (Domain Name Service) [crayon-5fc2fabf40de3132231045/] File Manipulation [crayon-5fc2fabf40de5750014171/] System Hardware Information [crayon-5fc2fabf40de6426852638/] Web/HTML Editing Commands [crayon-5fc2fabf40de7588886132/] SSH (Secure Shell) [crayon-5fc2fabf40de8751770631/] Troubleshooting [crayon-5fc2fabf40de9757340871/] Samba / Windows [...]

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Apache webserver .htaccess file tips and tricks

This is a set of short code snippets to control various methods of URL redirection using .htaccess files for Apache/Linux. To place a site offline with the exception of a particular static IP address, place this content in your .htaccess file: [crayon-5fc2fabf40ef2262933762/] To redirect all web traffic from http:// (port 80) to https:// (secure [...]

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Block Brute Force SSH Attempts

If you run a Unix server on the Internet, your server will, eventually, be hit by either a script kiddie or a botnet which will try to guess SSH passwords in order to gain access to your system. Here are a number of resources and methodologies to block frequent brute force SSH attempts on your [...]

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